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Long Contracting

“I just wanted to say thanks for Raymond’s work yesterday. It was a frenetic day with our renovations here and all works, including Raymond’s had to be done in sequence. Nothing is a bother and he makes things happen with no fuss to us. Wanted to pass on a well done message for his work yesterday.”

Rusher Rogers

“The Pronet team are very professional, always very responsive, get back to us straight away. Whenever we have something we want to do with regard to IT, I always pick the phone up & speak to them first.”

IN2 Space Interior Design

“With Pronet its just peace of mind – Peace of mind that we know we can call and get response any time to fix issues. They are willing to, able to & do look at all aspects to try to resolve the problem. 100% satisfaction from their service & I’m confident that they will do the same for other businesses.”


“We have the confidence their advice is for our own benefits, they fix the problem even if the problem is above their weight or above whats in the contract…”

Kim Diaphragm Valves

“IT is crucial to our business, to work with the right people is paramount, Pronet have been fantastic, having the systems in place really makes it worry free.”

In2 Space

“The service we get is excellent, the results are excellent, so we’ve got no reason to look anywhere else. Quick turnaround & service on all aspects of what we need.”


“I’ve worked in large multinationals with 100+ IT staff departments who we didn’t get the level of service out of, that we’re currently getting at present…”

Rusher Rogers

“We don’t have to worry about our IT systems. We come to work in the morning, we work hard during the week & we know those systems are going to work.”

Ashley Turner

We’ve dealt with the same people virtually from day one… that’s been really important to us and I haven’t found that in other IT support companies.”


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Recently, it has come to our attention that telemarketers or scammers purporting to be from Pronet have been calling individuals and organisations to offer website and domain hosting services.
Pronet Technology wants to ensure its clients and the general public that we DO NOT contact businesses or individuals to offer website, domain hosting and related services.
If you have any information that can assist us in determining the identity of the individual or organisation making these calls, please email info@pronet.com.au