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Tech Hiccups? Consider Them History with Pronet’s Managed IT Services

Modern businesses are grappling with increasing complexities, from ensuring cyber security to leveraging unified communications. But why dive deep into the intricacies of information technology when there’s a simpler solution?

Enter Pronet – a dedicated managed service provider specialising in offering world-class IT services for Melbourne’s small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We understand the unique challenges that Melbourne SMEs face, and tailor our suite of services to suit. 

With our expert team at your service desk, you can expect unparalleled services and support, ensuring customer satisfaction is at the forefront. Our commitment? Delivering a service level second to none, ensuring your business operates seamlessly with fixed monthly plans tailored for your needs.

We’ll comprehensively manage and monitor every element of your IT infrastructure – from servers and workstations, to network devices and cloud services. An intricate blend of advanced technology and our team of dedicated individuals ensures optimal performance and unwavering security.

When it comes to managed IT for Melbourne SMEs, Pronet is not just any services company – we’re your trusted partner.

Dazzling Digital Dominance: Your Gateway to an Elite IT Ecosystem

Rapid Results

Time is money, and waiting around isn't an option. With Pronet’s managed IT services, you'll witness tangible improvements within just 30 days. And if we don't meet your expectations? The first three months are on us. It’s a testament to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Local Expertise

When you partner with us, you're teaming up with a purely Melbournian IT operation. We believe in nurturing local talent and keeping it right here at home, ensuring you receive service that understands the heart of Melbourne's business landscape.

Rapid Responses

Technical issues can arise at any moment, and when they do, you need fast response times. Our promise? A 10-minute response to ensure you get the help you need, when you need it. Say goodbye to prolonged downtimes, and hello to smooth operations.

Friendly, Expert Team

Our experienced technicians are experts in their field — but they won't bombard you with jargon. Instead, they'll speak in layman's terms, ensuring you fully grasp the situation and the solutions provided.

Cost-Effective for SMEs

We understand that local SMEs require both quality and affordability, and our services are tailored to your budgetary constraints. With simplified monthly billing, there’s no hidden costs, just transparent service.

The Digital Drive Every Melbourne SME Dreams Of, Delivered with Precision and Panache

What sets Pronet apart is our deep-rooted connection to Melbourne. We pride ourselves on being based in this vibrant tech hub, exclusively supporting Melbourne’s SMEs. Our unwavering commitment to our community ensures that we understand the unique challenges and aspirations of local businesses, providing IT services in Melbourne that resonate with their specific needs.

To further personalise our services, you’ll have a dedicated account manager bridging the gap between your business ambitions and our tailored IT solutions. With a deep understanding of your needs, they guarantee every IT challenge is addressed proactively.

We’ll ensure your IT framework is both updated and optimised with a regular Technology Business Review (TBR). This TBR will proactively evaluate and enhance your IT strategies, so you’re always up-to-date.

Our team understands the importance of swift and effective solutions, and we guarantee a rapid response within 10 minutes. Whether it’s a minor hiccup or a major technical glitch, our team is always on standby to ensure you’re not floundering. 

Business IT Support: Root-Cause Solutions for 99.9% Uptime

In the realm of business IT support, the voice of the end user speaks volumes. Our dedicated support team consistently earns high praise, with an overwhelming majority of our users — over 97% — rating them as both helpful and incredibly knowledgeable. 

But we don’t stop at just resolving immediate concerns. Our team, in its quest for excellence, dives deeper, proactively identifying recurring issues and addressing their root causes. The result? A staggering 99.9% uptime for your business operations. 

And to ensure we’re always there when you need us, we offer unlimited helpdesk, remote, and onsite support, encapsulating the very essence of comprehensive IT services in Melbourne.

IT Support Prices: Predictable Costs, Powerful Results

When it comes to IT Support Prices, transparency and flexibility are our guiding principles. Recognising the diverse needs of Melbourne SMEs, we’ve structured our pricing to be uniquely tailored to each business. 

With a fixed monthly cost clearly stated in your Service Level Agreement (SLA), you can budget confidently, free from the fear of unexpected charges and hidden fees. Our simplified billing process is based on per user or workstation, a strategy that empowers you to scale up or down with ease and efficiency.

Managed Security: Sleep Soundly, We’re on the Clock

Running a business requires robust and comprehensive cyber security, and Pronet’s managed security services are designed with this in mind.

We’ve crafted security protocols aligned with the ACSC Essential 8 framework. Our dedicated security team offers round-the-clock monitoring, ensuring that potential threats are identified and neutralised promptly. 

This 24/7 monitoring is further fortified with Dark Web monitoring – a cutting-edge solution to detect potential data breaches and ensure the integrity of your data.

Managed Infrastructure: On-Prem Meets Cloud in Perfect Harmony

With a seamless blend of on-premises and cloud services, Pronet offers the best of both worlds. The digital sphere is always awake, and so are we with our 24×7 monitoring to ensure your infrastructure remains resilient and high-performing. 

Beyond mere monitoring, we actively detect and respond to cyber threats, safeguarding your operations from potential disruptions.

Managed Detection and Response: Swift Action for Smart Outcomes

Vigilance meets expertise with our managed detection and response services. Pronet’s real-time monitoring serves as the frontline defence, scrutinising every byte of data for signs of malicious activity. 

At the slightest hint of an anomaly, our incident response kicks into high gear. We leverage a wealth of experience and state-of-the-age technologies to quickly neutralise threats, ensuring minimal disruption and maintaining your business’s digital momentum. 

We utilise threat intelligence solutions to empower businesses with knowledge, providing insights and recommendations that not only guard against immediate threats, but also fortify your IT stance for the future.

Pronet: We’re Not Just Tech Support, We’re Your Supercharged IT Elevation Experience

Technology is the heartbeat of every enterprise. Pronet has been committed to providing world-class IT management and technical support to Melbourne businesses since 1998, and the exceptional quality and reliability of our services has only grown.

As a premier managed service provider in Melbourne, we’ve dedicated ourselves to mastering the intricate nuances of IT management. Our expertise in managed IT support ensures that businesses not only thrive, but lead the way in their respective domains. 

We’re dedicated to being your trusted partner for long-term success, growth, and innovation by consistently delivering the standards of excellence and dedication that Melbourne’s vibrant SMEs deserve.

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"I've worked in large multinationals with 100+ IT staff departments who we didn't get the level of service out of, that we're currently getting at present..."
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