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We’re more than just troubleshooters; we’re elevating every aspect of your business with cutting-edge tech solutions and unrivalled support.

Pioneering Your Progress One Click at a Time with Precision and Passion

As a business owner, maintaining smooth operations is paramount, encompassing hardware and software upkeep, adept cloud services management, and offering continuous technical support. 

Business IT support acts as a safeguard, ensuring your tech infrastructure stands strong and fault-resistant. While Pronet roots itself as a leading provider in Melbourne, uniquely catering to the city’s SMEs, we’re no strangers to serving clients with interstate offices throughout Australia. Our dedicated team, based in Melbourne, adeptly handles both onsite and remote IT support, ensuring businesses receive timely assistance. 

We pride ourselves on crafting a service precisely tailored to each business’s distinct needs, no matter where they’re located.

Navigating the Intricate World of Tech, So You Don’t Have To

Immediate Results

We are confident in the quality and efficiency of our IT support services. If you don’t witness tangible improvements within the first 30 days, the subsequent three months of our services are entirely on us, free of charge.

Local Technicians

We’re proud to offer you genuine, local IT support. There’s no offshoring or outsourcing to overseas centres. When you reach out to Pronet, you’re connecting with a neighbour.

Rapid Responses

With our 10-minute response promise, we ensure your business gets the help it requires, without unnecessary delays. This is especially critical for SMEs where every minute counts.

Transparent Billing

Financial clarity is as essential as technical support. We offer simplified monthly billing, so you always know what you’re paying for, without the headache of unexpected costs or hidden fees.

Seamless. Reliable. Unmatched. We’re Your Tech Ally for a Smarter Future

In the bustling business landscape of Melbourne, businesses need IT support services that truly align with their unique demands – and Pronet fine-tunes its offerings to provide just that. 

While Melbourne is our home base and our local technicians possess an intricate understanding of the city’s SME dynamics, we’ve expanded our horizons to adeptly cater to clients with interstate offices across Australia.

In Melbourne’s dynamic business environment, organisations seek IT support that truly resonates with their distinct needs. Pronet is meticulously crafted to offer just that. 

It’s not just our wide spectrum of technical skills that differentiates us, but our distinct communication style. We’re innately technical, yet we excel at breaking down the intricacies of IT – be it Microsoft Azure, Office 365, or other tech issues – into easily digestible information, keeping you well-informed and supported every step of the way.

Delivering Tailored Solutions with Tangible Results

At Pronet, we understand the pressing nature of IT setbacks. That’s why our promise to you is a rapid response within just 10 minutes. This quick turnaround is one of the many reasons our end-users frequently praise our support teams. 

On average, our team receives an impressive rating of over 97%, reflecting their expertise, helpfulness, and dedication to ensuring Melbourne’s businesses keep running smoothly.

However, our commitment doesn’t stop at resolving the immediate concern. We believe in a proactive approach. Our technicians are trained to spot patterns, identify recurring issues, and address them at the root. This method has resulted in an astounding 99.9% uptime for our clients. 

It’s this forward-thinking approach that ensures your business IT systems consistently function at their peak, letting you focus on your core business operations.

We Bring Unparalleled Expertise to Your IT Challenges

Pronet firmly believes in providing comprehensive support without limitations. Our offering encompasses unlimited helpdesk support, remote IT support, and onsite IT support. This holistic approach ensures that no matter the nature of your tech challenge, we’ve got you covered from every angle.

When you reach out to our helpdesk support team, you can expect a prompt and efficient response. Once a query or issue is reported, our support teams document the concern, assign it a unique tracking number, and then work diligently to provide a solution. This process ensures every query, no matter how big or small, is logged, tracked, and addressed appropriately.

Additionally, by using advanced helpdesk software, we can remotely access client systems (with your permission, of course) to rectify issues without the need for onsite IT support. This ensures faster resolutions, allowing you to get back to core operations with minimal downtime.

Pronet’s helpdesk support offers a comprehensive, responsive, and efficient service designed to address IT challenges and ensure SMEs across Australia remain operational, informed, and empowered in their daily tech interactions.

Beyond Support: Crafting Tailored IT Journeys for Melbourne SMEs

Since Pronet’s inception in 1998, we’ve been committed to empowering the diverse SME landscape with unrivalled business IT support. Over the course of two decades, our expertise has expanded beyond city borders to support clients throughout Australia. Our track record as a leading provider attests to our dedication and adaptability.

By outsourcing your IT support needs to Pronet, you’ll receive an unmatched blend of expertise, swift solutions, and dedicated support, ensuring you can focus on your core business objectives while we handle the technical intricacies.

In a world where technology’s role in business is always changing, our pledge remains constant: to be your trusted partner in IT support, yesterday, today, and long into the future.

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"The service we get is excellent, the results are excellent, so we've got no reason to look anywhere else. Quick turnaround & service on all aspects of what we need."
Ettore Riboni
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