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Our Promise to You: Relentless Defence and Innovative Solutions

Modern threats require seasoned expertise. Find both here. We guarantee to safeguard your digital assets with proven strategies and cutting-edge solutions.

Proven Expertise. Unwavering Commitment. Direct Response.

Your business deserves more than just a service provider – you need a partner who stands with you, understands your challenges, and is unwavering in their commitment to ensuring your safety.

Pronet is the partner you need. We understand the specific and unique challenges that SMEs face, and our team of dedicated and experienced IT experts care deeply about the health and integrity of your IT system. 

Our proactive approach to cyber security for Melbourne businesses is backed by a solid guarantee behind our motto: “Committed to keeping SME businesses safe”. We’re here for direct response, comprehensive support, and, above all, to act as your steadfast protector in the digital realm.

When we pledge to keep you safe, we mean it.

Cyber Security Solutions Designed to Combat Modern Threats

24/7 Security Monitoring

Sleep easy knowing that we're constantly on the lookout. Our round-the-clock monitoring rapidly identifies and remediates threats and suspicious activity.

Compliance Adherence

We ensure that your business aligns with industry regulations, safeguarding you from potential legal and financial pitfalls.

ACSC Essential 8

As specialists in the Australian Cyber Security Centre's Essential 8 Risk Mitigation Strategies, we align your business with this comprehensive, end-to-end security framework.

Cost-Effective for SMEs

We believe in empowering businesses, not emptying pockets. Our services are priced competitively, making cyber security accessible and affordable for businesses sized between 25 to 150 seats.

Incident Remediation Assurance

With our Cybersafe Standard service plan, we have you covered. In the event of a cyber security incident, we offer up to $10,000 worth of remediation hours, ensuring swift and effective action to get your business back on track.

Proactive Risk Assessment: Beyond The Paper Audit

Pronet believes in providing tangible insights over mere documentation, and this ethos is echoed in our approach to risk assessment. Rather than just offering a superficial paper audit, we conduct a comprehensive risk assessment that reviews tangible threats lurking within your IT infrastructure, ensuring that potential vulnerabilities are spotlighted from the get-go.

For enterprises with heightened stakes, we also offer regular full penetration testing, intensely scrutinising even the most covert threats that might elude standard checks.

Insurance, though often overlooked, plays a vital role in cyber resilience. Pronet will consult with your insurance broker to ensure your business remains compliant, guaranteeing your insurance policy is valid should the worst occur.

We know SMEs operate within a unique space, which is why we don’t provide generic solutions. Our risk assessments are tailored with precision to cater to this specific segment. This targeted approach, deeply rooted in our expertise in cyber security for SMEs, ensures unparalleled relevance and effectiveness.

Cyber Awareness Training: Empower Your Employees

Your people should be the first line of defence against potential threats, which is why Pronet’s security awareness training aims to craft a workplace culture where cyber awareness is more than just knowledge – it’s a commitment and the cornerstone of your business operations.

Our user-tailored training boasts AI-driven learning to adapt for individual learning styles and paces, delivering content in the most engaging and effective manner. The training includes simulated phishing, exposing employees to controlled replicas of potential cyber-attacks in order to hone their instincts and refine their responses.

We’ll track user progress by monitoring advancements to adapt and refine the training process, ensuring that the learning curve remains beneficial for all. From basic password protocols to intricate cyber-attack mechanisms, we ensure that every employee understands the nuances and intricacies of the digital threats they might face.

We recognise the diversity of learning styles and proficiency levels, and craft training modules to cater specifically to each individual. By customising the learning experience, we ensure a deeper engagement and comprehension.

Incident Response: 24x7 Vigilance and Rapid Threat Containment

Central to Pronet’s incident response is our commitment to 24×7 monitoring and threat containment. Our systems and expert team continuously scan your infrastructure for any anomalies, ensuring threats are identified and neutralised rapidly. 

However, in the unlikely event that a threat slips through, our rapid response team is trained to respond with alacrity, ensuring that incidents are addressed and remedied in record time, minimising potential disruptions and preserving the integrity of your operations.

One of the cornerstones of our commitment is accessibility. We firmly believe that robust cyber security should not be a luxury, but a standard. In line with this belief, our incident response service comes free with our Cybersafe Plans to ensure first-class protection for your business.

Pronet’s unwavering pledge is to be by your side every step of the way, ensuring that no matter the threat, your business remains secure and resilient. This commitment to constant vigilance ensures that Melbourne SMEs can operate with peace of mind, no matter what.

Disaster Recovery: Ensuring Continuity for Unforeseen Challenges

Local SMEs, in their pursuit of growth and innovation, need more than just cyber security services; they need a guarantee that operations will continue undeterred, even in the face of unexpected adversities. Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery ensures that your business is proactive in defence and reactive in recovery.

Our virtual standby server is available onsite, local, or through the cloud to guarantee operational continuity. This standby server can be activated and fully operational within a mere 15 minutes, ensuring minimal disruption to your business processes.

Similarly, our enterprise backup service offers automated, continuous backup of systems and data to ensure your digital assets are perpetually safeguarded, allowing for rapid restoration when required.

In the event of hardware malfunctions, our emergency equipment loan service delivers full hardware replacement to keep your operations running, even as we work diligently in the background to rectify the original issue.

Pronet: Championing Cyber Security for Melbourne SMEs

Since 1998, Pronet has stood at the forefront of providing unparalleled cyber security in Melbourne. With a legacy spanning over two decades, our focus has never wavered; we remain deeply committed to keeping SME businesses safe through industry-leading security operations.

What truly sets us apart is our proactive approach to challenges. When you face a cyber threat, you can expect a direct response. Speed, precision, and agility are the hallmarks of our expert team.

If you’re still on the fence, or if time is a constraint, we encourage you to book a 10-minute chat to find out more about our free cyber security risk assessment, and learn firsthand how our expertise can fortify your business against digital threats.

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