Security Awareness Training

Equip, Educate, and Empower: Upskill Your Team

Transform your employees into a human firewall with our comprehensive cyber security awareness training. Say goodbye to human error, and hello to a confident front line of defence.

Transform Your Employees into Cyber Guardians

As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, the weakest link in your organisation often isn’t technology — it’s your people. Security awareness training is a crucial strategy for businesses aiming to bolster their defences against these mounting threats.

Pronet is a leading provider of cyber security services in Melbourne – but we tailor our services to meet the needs of SMEs across the country. With a proven track record of expertise and dedication, we believe that the first step to cyber resilience is empowering your employees. Through our comprehensive cyber awareness training, we turn your team into your strongest defence line, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to detect, deflect, and report potential cyber threats.

We’re committed to keeping SME businesses nationwide safe. By opting for our cyber security training for employees, you’re not just investing in tools or software; you’re investing in the future and safety of your business.

Cyber Security Awareness: Your Blueprint for Building Cyber Resilience

Reduce Risk of Data Breaches

One inadvertent click or a single instance of shared confidential data can put your entire business at risk. By prioritising cyber awareness training, you're equipping your employees with the essential knowledge to spot and avoid threats.

Compliance with Industry Regulations

Businesses have more than just cyber threats to worry about; they must also navigate potential legal consequences. Our cyber security training for employees ensures that your team understands and adheres to these vital regulations.

ACSC Essential 8

Our training programs focus on the ACSC Essential 8 – the nation’s industry-leading mitigation strategies. This specialisation covers fundamental cyber security policies to provide a robust foundation of cyber awareness.

Affordable for SMEs

We understand the unique challenges faced by modern SMEs, which is why we've tailored our cyber security programs to be both effective and affordable, ensuring end-to-end coverage at a cost-effective rate.

Tailored Cyber Awareness Training for the Dynamic SME Landscape

At the heart of Pronet’s commitment to fortifying businesses with cyber awareness training is our customisation of training programs. We recognise that each employee plays a unique role with varied cyber touchpoints, and our training is meticulously tailored to individual needs. 

This ensures that whether an individual’s job involves routine data access or high-level system controls, the training is relevant, comprehensive, and impactful. 

Beyond customisation, we believe in the power of continuous learning. To foster this, we’ll seamlessly monitor your team’s progress and provide you with comprehensive reports detailing their progress. By tracking the learning journey, you can identify areas of proficiency, and zones that might benefit from further training. 

And to make sure that the learning experience is holistic, our training covers an up-to-date range of cyber security topics, ranging from password policies and recent cyber-attacks, to incident response and relevant industry regulations.

Turn Awareness into Action and Defence with Simulated Phishing Attacks

At Pronet, we harness the power of innovation to ensure that our cyber security training for employees is always relevant and fully up-to-date. Our AI-driven learning techniques adapt to each user’s learning pattern and pace, offering a customised, dynamic, and more immersive training experience. 

And what better way to gauge your team’s preparedness than facing a challenge? Our phishing simulations are crafted to emulate real-world cyber threats, offering employees a safe yet realistic platform to test their mettle. With these simulations, they can assess their readiness, gain practical insights, and refine their defensive techniques.

Finally, we know that knowledge, without timely reinforcement, can fade, which is why our integrated automated reminder system will prompt regular reminders to refresh your team’s cyber security skills. 

Trust in Pronet to guide your business on a transformative journey that not only addresses today’s cyber challenges, but fortifies against those of tomorrow.

Pronet: Bridging Knowledge Gaps for a Cyber-Resilient Future

Navigating the multifaceted world of cyber security is a challenge, especially in a dynamic ecosystem where SMEs face a unique set of threats and vulnerabilities. 

Pronet stands as a beacon of assurance amid this complexity. While we’re based in Melbourne, we have the tools and expertise to provide security awareness training to businesses across Australia. Our in-depth knowledge, complemented by a vast reservoir of resources, has positioned us at the forefront of cyber security services.

A standout testament to our specialised approach is our profound knowledge of the ACSC Essential 8. This suite of security strategies, designed by the Australian Cyber Security Centre, is a touchstone for best practices to build a robust cyber security framework. We don’t just teach it; we embody its principles, adapting and refining them to address the distinctive challenges today’s businesses encounter.

With Pronet, you’re not just receiving security consulting. You’re gaining a partner who understands the intricacies the modern business world, and is unwaveringly committed to safeguarding your company.

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