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Skyline Success: Transforming Cloud Visions into Secure Realities

Bridge the gap between traditional operations and innovative, adaptive solutions. From legacy systems to modern cloud infrastructures, we’ll guide every step of the way.

The Cloud Masters Leading You to Excellence

Manoeuvring the cloud can be daunting. With many options to choose from — public cloud, private cloud, and everything in between — it’s imperative to have a knowledgeable partner by your side. 

This is where Pronet shines. As experts in cloud consulting, we have a singular mission: to provide SME businesses with the most innovative, modern cloud services in Melbourne and nationwide, to harness the full potential of their cloud technology.

Our promise is twofold. We’ll guide you through the vast array of cloud resources available, from cloud storage to cloud-based apps like Microsoft Office 365, ensuring you’re equipped with the best cloud solutions tailored for your needs. 

Secondly, we prioritise your business’s safety. Our managed cloud services incorporate robust disaster recovery and business continuity plans, making certain your data remains protected, always.

So whether you’re exploring infrastructure-as-a-service, aiming for a cloud native approach, or simply seeking reliable cloud computing services, Pronet is here to enlighten and empower.

Sky-High Solutions and Secure Cloudscapes

Affordable Tech

Dive into cutting-edge cloud solutions without bearing the brunt of a hefty price tag. We ensure you access the right technologies that fit both your needs and budget.

Maximise Your Cloud ROI

Our team is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your investment in cloud technology. This means optimising every cloud resource to ensure you’re reaping maximum benefits.

Agility and Flexibility

With our managed services, your cloud infrastructure will effortlessly scale and adapt. Whether you're expanding or diversifying, we ensure your cloud environment remains in sync with your aspirations.

Cost-Effective Approach

Investing in the cloud means saying goodbye to those grim upfront costs. We’ll keep you free from the worries of ongoing upgrade expenses as we handle the technical intricacies.

Cloud Security: Keeping You Safe in the Digital Sky

At Pronet, we believe the heart of successful cloud deployment lies in robust security, and our prime priority is safeguarding your business’s cloud resources. 

We ensure every moment of your cloud operations is under watchful scrutiny, guaranteeing peace of mind regardless of time zones or business hours. We mandate two-factor authentication for all users, ensuring that even if login details are stolen, your data will remain inaccessible without that second verification step.

Depending on your business requirements, we can implement a zero trust security model for your cloud infrastructure. In this approach, no request is immediately validated; every single access or data retrieval attempt is first verified, ensuring that trust is not assumed.

This approach is complemented with full MDR (Managed Detection and Response) services across your cloud infrastructure. This isn’t just about spotting potential breaches; it’s about swiftly identifying them, understanding their origin, and responding with precision to nullify any threat, ensuring that your operations remain uninterrupted.

Behind the scenes, our dedicated security service team meticulously observes every action, ensuring breaches remain at bay. Should any security anomaly arise, our rapid incident response ensures that threats are swiftly neutralised, preserving your business’s digital sanctity.

Our cloud security measures aren’t just protocols; they’re promises to keep your data secured while allowing you the flexibility and freedom of the cloud.

Pronet Cybersafe Plans

We know that every business has its own set of security challenges and risk tolerances. While a baseline cyber security investment is essential, there’s no one-size-fits-all upper limit. To make your decision easier, we offer three distinct plans, each with a range of features and the flexibility needed to meet your specific business requirements.

Cybersafe Basic

The minimum to keep your business secure. Ideal for businesses with less than $1m turnover.

Cybersafe Standard

Robust security measures without advanced intricacies. Ideal for businesses with $1m to $20m turnover.

Cybersafe Advance

Advanced protection for complex systems and/or needs. Ideal for businesses with over $20m turnover.

Cloud Migrations: Your Cloud Transition Simplified

Navigating the intricate process of cloud migration requires confident expertise and skills, especially for modern SMEs. Pronet’s speciality lies in facilitating these migrations, with a notable emphasis on seamless transitions to Microsoft 365, ensuring no disruptions to your day-to-day operations. 

Whether it’s moving your legacy file repository to OneDrive Business and SharePoint, or migrating traditional servers to a cloud platform, our tailored approach considers your unique needs. 

We take immense pride in our track record: 99% of our cloud migration projects are both timely and within budgetary bounds. And, to provide our clients with peace of mind, we operate on a fixed-cost basis for migrations, so unexpected costs become a thing of the past. 

Our seasoned IT experts have a rich history of successfully transitioning legacy servers to cloud environments, making your cloud journey as smooth as possible.

Azure: Pioneering Your Journey Into the Leading Global Environment

Microsoft’s Azure platform offers a multitude of possibilities for businesses, and Pronet is here to help you harness them. 

With Azure, you can run your entire IT infrastructure without being burdened by significant initial or recurring replacement costs. For businesses adapting to the evolving work environment, our Azure Virtual Desktop service perfectly facilitates virtual offices and remote work setups. 

Furthermore, we strive to ensure that your investment in Azure is both high-performing and cost-effective – and we also understand that not all operations are cloud-compatible. Our commitment is to provide honest, objective recommendations, underpinned by thorough cost analyses, ensuring your Azure engagements are financially prudent. 

Beyond functionality, security remains our top concern. Our proprietary Cybersafe services are tailored to keep your Azure infrastructure both secure and operational at optimal levels.

Pronet: Bridging Melbourne’s SMEs to the Cloud's Pinnacle

Embarking on a cloud journey or optimising your existing cloud infrastructure can be complex, but you’re not alone. With Pronet’s expert guidance, you’ll make informed decisions and unlock new possibilities for growth. 

Since our inception in 1998, we’ve been at the forefront of technological evolution, carving our niche as a leading provider of cloud services in Melbourne. Over the decades, we’ve actively facilitated the transformative journey of countless SME businesses, empowering them to extract every ounce of potential from their cloud technology.

Our unwavering commitment is to ensure that while you soar high, leveraging the cloud’s myriad possibilities, you remain protected from any lurking cyber challenges.

With Pronet, you’re choosing more than a service. You’re gaining a partner – one with a rich legacy, profound expertise, and an unwavering commitment to your growth and security.

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