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Azure Cloud Solutions: From Vision to Execution

Microsoft Azure illuminates the pathway for modern businesses to thrive in a cloud-native environment, and our Azure experts will be your guiding stars.

Harness Dynamic Cloud Solutions with the Azure Specialists

Microsoft Azure is a multifaceted cloud platform by Microsoft, designed to offer a myriad of services ranging from computing power to storage solutions, and much more. The expansive Azure environment offers the agility and scalability crucial for contemporary business operations – and as a certified Microsoft partner, Pronet has the expertise to provide expert Azure consulting services for SMEs in Melbourne and Australia-wide. 

With a foundation anchored in understanding the nuances of Azure offers and the broader cloud computing landscape, our mission aligns with aiding businesses in maximising their cloud potential, all while safeguarding them from lurking cyber threats. 

For companies considering Microsoft Office 365 or seeking the best cloud services in Melbourne, our commitment is unequivocal: delivering cost-effective solutions that resonate with your goals. 

Whether you’re looking at a seamless cloud migration, enhancing business continuity strategies, or simply exploring what Azure can do for you, steer your journey with a trusted partner by your side.

Unlocking Cloud Potential: Expert Guidance for the Modern Workplace

Affordable Tech Access

Pronet grants access to the right Azure technologies for your specific business needs, without the daunting price tag. Custom, cost-effective solutions are our forte.

Maximise Cloud Investment

Our seasoned Azure consultants delve deep into understanding your objectives, ensuring that every penny spent translates into tangible value for your firm.

Scalable and Adaptable

Our cloud services are designed to ensure that you can scale and adapt seamlessly as your business grows and your needs evolve, whether you're integrating with Microsoft Office 365 or exploring other cloud-based avenues.

End-to-End Cyber Security

We know that every business has its own set of security challenges and risk tolerances. While a baseline cyber security investment is essential, there’s no one-size-fits-all upper limit. To make your decision easier, we offer three distinct plans, each with a range of features and the flexibility needed to meet your specific business requirements.

Pronet Cybersafe Plans

Regardless of your security measures, the risk of compromise always exists. Unlike most MSSPs that will charge you extra to eradicate threats and restore systems if you’re compromised, Pronet’s Cybersafe Plans cover up to $100,000 worth of remediation and incident response hours.

Cybersafe Basic

The minimum to keep your business secure. Ideal for businesses with less than $1m turnover.

Cybersafe Standard

Robust security measures without advanced intricacies. Ideal for businesses with $1m to $20m turnover.

Cybersafe Advance

Advanced protection for complex systems and/or needs. Ideal for businesses with over $20m turnover.

Leverage the Full Potential of Azure’s Security Features

Dipping your toes into the vast sea of cloud technology can often feel daunting. From determining the right investments to ensuring your enterprise remains agile and secure, every step can seem intricate. Yet, with the right partner and tailored Azure consulting, these hurdles can be effortlessly surmounted.

Azure’s dynamic platform coupled with Pronet’s expert cloud consulting team allows SMEs to utilise the tools they need without incurring significant upfront costs, or the looming dread of ongoing replacement expenses. We’ll help you leverage this flexibility to its utmost potential, driving efficiency without compromising on performance.

And our proprietary Cybersafe Plans are designed to keep your Azure infrastructure secured against potential threats. These services offer a holistic approach that ensures your cloud-based operations remain secure, safeguarding your business assets and peace of mind.

Aligning Your Modern Workplace Environment with Azure Virtual Desktop

Modern workplaces need modern tools that cater to hybrid offices and work-from-home scenarios – which is where Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) emerges as a beacon offering unparalleled flexibility and accessibility to facilitate virtual operations. 

We understand the nuances that come with setting up and maintaining a virtual desktop environment, and our Azure consultants will fully deploy this feature and ensure ongoing optimisation for your specific needs. 

The cloud team at Pronet will provide ongoing support and management services to support AVD, whether your people are in the office, on the road, or working from their favourite cafe.

Cost-Effective Priorities: Tailored Azure Services for Your Budget

At Pronet, we firmly believe that not everything is apt for a cloud environment, and our commitment to your business goes beyond mere consultations. We pride ourselves on offering objective recommendations, coupled with thorough cost analysis, ensuring that every move towards the cloud is both strategic and makes financial sense. 

Our dedicated Azure consultants will dive deep into the nuances of your business to ensure performance and cost optimisation of your Azure investment. Whether it’s streamlining processes, reducing redundancies, or leveraging cost-effective Azure offers, we have you covered.

Your ROI remains at the forefront of our guidance, ensuring value at every juncture.

Azure Consulting to Keep You at the Forefront of Cloud Tech

Pronet’s mission, rooted deeply in understanding the intricacies of Azure offers, cloud solutions, and the broader spectrum of cloud computing services, is singular: to ensure businesses not only adapt to but flourish in the Azure environment. 

Cost optimisation, business continuity, and disaster recovery are just a few of the myriad touchpoints we accentuate. Our managed services don’t just amplify Azure’s inherent potential; they also ensure a strong security foundation to keep even the most sophisticated cyber threats at bay.

Azure presents a world of opportunities, and Pronet’s expertise ensures that these opportunities translate into tangible successes for your business.

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