Incident Response Services

Detect, Contain, Respond: End-to-End Incident Management

Plan strategically, respond rapidly: transform cyber incidents into lessons of resilience with our proactive detection, response, and containment

Swift and Reliable Incident Response Services for SMEs

Incident response is not just about preventing attacks – it’s about ensuring the longevity, reputation, and success of your business. Having a proactive plan and incident response team in place, ready to spring into action if the worst should happen, will ensure your business is able to survive any security event.

Pronet understands the unique challenges faced by small to medium enterprises (SMEs), and as a specialised provider of cyber security services for SMEs both in Melbourne and across Australia, we are deeply committed to keeping these businesses safe with customised cyber security solutions.

Founded on a strong tradition of excellence and digital forensics expertise, our team is at the forefront of detecting and responding to cyber incidents. Our specialised approach to cyber incident response is not only about addressing issues after they’ve occurred; we’re also proactive, ensuring that businesses are fortified against future threats.

Tackling Cyber Threats Head-On, Around the Clock

Compliance with Industry Regulations

We ensure that your business meets and exceeds the necessary cyber security standards, guaranteeing not just safety, but also compliance.

ACSC Essential 8

Our expertise in the ACSC Essential 8 underlines our commitment to a robust cyber resilience strategy, ensuring optimal security controls to fortify your business with an end-to-end security framework.

Affordable for SMEs

Strong cyber security isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. Our services are designed to offer top-tier protection without breaking the bank. We’ll work with you to create a comprehensive plan that suits your budget.

CyberSafe Plans

Our commitment extends beyond just protection. With Pronet’s Cybersafe Plans, you receive up to $100,000 worth of incident remediation hours. In the event of a cyber security incident, our dedicated response team will swing into action, ensuring a swift and efficient post-incident recovery process.

Pronet Cybersafe Plans

We know that every business has its own set of security challenges and risk tolerances. While a baseline cyber security investment is essential, there’s no one-size-fits-all upper limit. To make your decision easier, we offer three distinct plans, each with a range of features and the flexibility needed to meet your specific business requirements.

Cybersafe Basic

The minimum to keep your business secure.

Ideal for businesses with less than $1m turnover.

Cybersafe Standard

Robust security measures without advanced intricacies.

Ideal for businesses with $1m to $20m turnover.

Cybersafe Advanced

Advanced protection for complex systems and/or needs.

Ideal for businesses with over $20m turnover.

From Alert to All-Clear: Rapid Cyber Incident Recovery

With a thorough incident response process in place, managing and mitigating the impact of cyber incidents becomes a seamless endeavour. At Pronet, our approach to incident response services combines expertise with a structured methodology to ensure your business is always prepared, responsive, and resilient.


Our incident response team collaborates with you to understand your business’s unique needs, risk landscape, and existing security infrastructure. This initial step is crucial for tailoring our services to ensure maximum protection and efficiency.


Strategy is at the heart of effective incident response. With the insights garnered from our consultation, we’ll chart out a detailed incident response planning roadmap. This plan is tailored to your business’s specific environment, taking into account the various challenges and threats you might face. 

An Incident Occurs


Timely detection is pivotal. Pronet utilises cutting-edge technologies and threat intelligence to swiftly identify anomalies and potential cyber security incidents, ensuring that threats are pinpointed before they escalate.


If a potential security event is detected, a rigorous analysis follows. Our team will evaluate the severity and potential impact of the event, ensuring response measures are proportionate and effective.


After analysis, immediate action is taken to contain the threat. Both short-term and long-term containment strategies are deployed to ensure the threat is isolated, preventing further damage.


With containment measures in place, we proceed to eliminate the root cause of the cyber incident. We use digital forensics techniques and other specialised tools to ensure that malicious entities are thoroughly removed from your systems.


Post-incident, our focus shifts to validating your system's functionality. If necessary, we will deploy your business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan, ensuring all systems return to normal operations in the shortest time possible.


The post-incident phase is invaluable for future preparedness. We conduct a comprehensive review of the incident, drawing lessons and refining your strategy. This ensures continuous improvement in our incident response services, making you even more resilient against future threats.

Cyber Blindsided You? We've Got Your Recovery Plan

Pronet delivers a holistic suite of incident response services tailored to your environment. One of the cornerstones of our approach is our 24×7 monitoring; cyber threats don’t adhere to business hours, and we’re always on the lookout, ensuring that potential threats are identified and addressed immediately.

We utilise state-of-the-art digital forensics and threat intelligence tools to pinpoint the origin of the threat and implement robust threat containment measures. Containment is the first line of defence against escalating threats, and our swift action ensures that any incident is managed swiftly.

Coupled with our containment strategies is our commitment to rapid response. We know time is of the essence when it comes to cyber-attacks, and our protocols are designed to facilitate a swift and efficient response to any detected threat. 

Whether facing a minor security event or a major data breach, Pronet’s dedicated team is committed to steering you through, minimising impact and ensuring long-term cyber resilience.

Pronet: When Cyber Threats Hit, We Strike Back

For over two decades, Pronet has been dedicated to safeguarding businesses from cyber threats. We’re based in Melbourne and understand the unique challenges faced our local SMEs – yet we have the capacity, tools, and expertise to tailor our services to meet the requirements of businesses across Australia.

Our journey began in the early days of the internet boom, a time when the concept of cyber security was in its infancy. Since then, we have grown in tandem with digitalisation, ensuring our skills, tools, and strategies reflect the changing dynamics of cyber threats.

We know SMEs operate on a scale where every workstation, every data point, and every transaction matters, and we’ve tailored our incident response services to cater to these enterprises that form the backbone of our country’s economic fabric.

From the initial consultation phase, to incident response planning and rapid response services, we provide a comprehensive suite that aligns seamlessly with your business operations. 

And it’s not just about protection; it’s about partnership. Pronet is not just a service provider – we’re an ally in your journey towards achieving cyber resilience.

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