5 Key Signs That Call You to Change Your MSP Today

5 Key Signs to Check that Call for Changing Your MSP TODAY

With ever-increasing demand for MSP’s in the industry, there are MSP’s of all kinds today; small, big, specialised in an industry and much more, making it hard for businesses to select one. Choosing a managed service provider is a crucial decision for every business. One simply cannot go wrong in selecting an MSP as a business’s growth is majorly dependent on it. A company entrusts its IT infrastructure and management to its external IT partner i.e., MSP; therefore, the MSP must be reliable and capable of handling the duty.

Choosing the best MSP for your business promotes growth, however, choosing the wrong one will squander your time and money along with exposing the businesses to different types of vulnerabilities. To help you make the best decision for your business, we have compiled a list six primary services that your MSP should be providing to successfully help your business grow without any legal or technical issues.

Let us take a look here:

  1. Making Technology the businesss backbone
    Obtaining assistance with IT and everything associated with technology is the key reason for using an MSP. And, it is expected of the service provider to offer the integration of relevant software, tools, equipment etc. to maximise technology’s effectiveness. Your managed service provider should ensure that technology is the strongest aspect of your business, causing no problems and being rapidly addressed if any do arise. Even small tech problems that make it hard for you and your staff to perform efficiently is not a good indicator, as it indicates that your existing managed service provider is failing to offer the core services.

  2. Regular IT strategic advices and implementation of Latest Technology
    Technology evolves and becomes obsolete on a daily basis; as a result, it is the responsibility of every MSP to make recommendations on the best IT solutions or tools to implement for risk-free and uninterrupted business conduct. Also, this does not imply that each new version of the tool, software, or system is more advantageous. It relies entirely on the requirements and kind of business you are doing. Therefore, if you are not receiving regular recommendations regarding new tools, software, etc. for the efficient running of your business, it demonstrates that your existing provider is unsuitable.

  3. Making Cloud Services as your main Strength
    Cloud services integration and usage has become one of the top requirements for businesses at present, and this trend is expected to grow in the future. There are definite benefits of using cloud services if relevant to the business. In case you are using cloud services then, having quick access to all the shared apps, software, storage, etc. is a must for all the employees. Providing easy access to these services for employees and leveraging the cloud as a competitive advantage should also be a top priority for your MSP.

  4. Testimonials (video) to prove their successful brand reputation
    As confirmation of a company’s selling points, testimonials play an important role in establishing trust between the buyer and seller. Every business has a list of satisfied customers who will provide positive testimonials, but you must be observant to determine the truth. As previously stated, every business has both satisfied and dissatisfied customers, but no one ever speaks out or displays testimonials from the latter. The catch is to ensure that the testimonials you are provided are from a larger organisation and are provided by a senior employee or a specialist. If you happen to receive video testimonials from your MSP, I would say it is the best. It is a big commitment for a client to create and share video testimonials, as it takes a lot of effort and an exceptional service offering for a client to create and share video testimonials.

  5. Multiple ways to contact the Customer Support team in case of critical issues
    Managed service provider’s main role is to support a business in every possible way to move and plan ahead. This is directly linked to the support services that it offers. An ideal MSP is constantly proactive in ensuring that the technical support team gives the customer’s issues their undivided attention. Once the problem has been resolved with fast response time and within the required timeframe, it is expected that the provider will do a follow-up to verify that the same problem does not reoccur. If you are not receiving this type of assistance from your MSP, you should reconsider, since it is one of the most significant considerations.

We recognise that selecting a managed service provider requires much planning, discussion, and confidence. It is akin to entrusting someone with the firm and granting them partial management. This is the type of relationship that, once formed, cannot be simply severed; in most circumstances, it lasts quite a while. Consequently, it is of the utmost necessity to examine everything and confirm the MSP’s services.

IT should be the backbone of every business and to help businesses leverage the same, Pronet Technology offers the best IT solutions tailored to your business needs and budget.

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