13 Best IT Support Companies in Melbourne, Australia

Are you a Melbourne business in need of IT support services? We put together a list of 13 top IT support companies based in your city. These businesses have years of experience to help keep your data secure for the long-term. Browse the selection provided, with peace of mind that you’re making the right decision for your business.

Pronet Technology’s approach is to provide managed IT services tailored to SMBs across Australia. They offer a comprehensive suite of services, including cyber security, cloud solutions, IT consulting, and help desk support. 

Pronet is committed to enhancing IT infrastructure with a focus on security, efficiency, and tailored solutions to meet clients’ needs.

Mantel Group provides a broad spectrum of technology services across cloud, data, digital, and security sectors. They partner with major tech companies like AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure to deliver customised IT solutions that include cloud infrastructure, data analytics, and in-depth security strategies. They focus on a holistic, client-focused approach.

It Biz Support offers on-site and remote IT support for businesses. Some of their areas of focus include internet security, cloud computing, data recovery, and various other technology solutions designed to fit their clients’ needs. They also provide IT consulting and managed IT services, with an emphasis on helping businesses manage and optimise their IT infrastructure.

Powernet is an IT support company offering their services in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. They provide Microsoft 365 management, cyber security, and cloud services. Powernet places an emphasis on customer satisfaction, with a 90-day happiness guarantee, and prides itself on serving over 900 clients.

IT Switch specialises in a range of IT services, including cloud solutions, IT support, and IT consulting. Some of their services within this range include providing server installations, network setup, and Microsoft 365 management. IT Switch caters to businesses across Australia, aiming to enhance IT infrastructure with expert solutions and support.

Sensible Business Solutions offers services such as managed IT, cyber security, cloud computing, and strategic IT consulting. They primarily serve Melbourne and Sydney, ensuring data security and providing reliable customer support. 

Sensible Business Solutions aims to deliver cost-effective, predictable IT management suited to each client’s needs.

All IT Services boasts a broad range of IT support solutions catered for SMBs. They specialise in areas such as VoIP, internet services, and Microsoft 365 support. They also provide a range of cloud solutions and cyber security services.

Tech Seek provides IT support tailored to SMBs. Their services include Google Workplace and Microsoft 365 migrations, data backup and recovery, virus and malware removal, PC and Mac repairs, and internet and network setup. They place a strong value on in-person support and flexible service hours. They also do not require long-term contracts, making their services accessible for smaller enterprises.

Accel IT’s managed IT support services are designed specifically for SMBs in Melbourne. Their services range from backup and disaster recovery, to office fit-outs and relocations, to cyber security and malware protection. They have no lock-in contracts and emphasise 24/7 support, aiming to deliver responsive and trustworthy IT solutions.

Melbourne City IT offers a wide range of IT services, specialising in website development, IT consulting, cloud solutions, Linux services, and cyber security. They provide tailored and cost-effective services to businesses in Melbourne, helping them improve efficiency and address IT challenges with confidence. 

Melbourne City IT offers consultancy on remote access and cloud-based solutions, and are particularly helpful in managing remote and hybrid work dynamics.

Australia Wide IT is a company offering services that include on-site support, security solutions, and data protection. They provide a fixed-price model, ensuring low costs, with a 14-day trial for new clients. They place particular focus on rapid response times and comprehensive cyber security measures, to ensure business continuity.

Alpha Click Solutions provides managed IT services, cyber security services, cloud solutions, data backup and recovery, and IT consulting. They are focused on delivering customised IT support for businesses across various industries including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and real estate. 

Alpha Click’s goal is to improve operational efficiency and ensure IT reliability for their clients.

Intuitive IT offers comprehensive IT services including managed IT support, cyber security, cloud computing, and custom app development. They focus on optimizing business performance through technology, offering a range of solutions to enhance efficiency, security, and productivity. 

Intuitive IT serves diverse industries, providing tailored IT strategies and support.

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