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Virtual CIO

As the director or CEO of a progressive, evolving company you make many critical decisions that steer your company towards success.

Some of these critical decisions are IT related despite the fact your core competency is not in IT.

Maybe you have a great IT company that advises you on the day-to-day stuff but when it comes to making core decisions for your overall IT direction – it’s entirely up to you.

With the pace of technology, the burden on you will only get worse. Larger companies have a CIO to steer their IT in the right direction, but unless you have a spare $150k-$250k in your budget, hiring your own CIO is probably out of the question, so what can you do?

Our Virtual CIO service not only solves this problem, in many ways it’s actually an even better alternative to a traditional CIO.

Your Virtual CIO will:
  • Bring decades of experience from many different industries
  • Have an in-depth understanding of small to medium size business IT requirements
  • Take full leadership of your IT strategy
  • Work closely with you on a monthly basis to plan & strategize with you (or even more frequently if you prefer)
  • Have a 360º view of your entire IT system, constantly ensuring it aligns with your business
  • Get involved in company meetings, constantly injecting new ideas into the mix.
  • Make sure you never spend money on unnecessary technologies
  • Help your company through any growth phases
  • Truly understand your business on every level and act as a vital link between your IT strategy and your critical business goals.

Like a true CIO your Virtual CIO is not there to provide day-to-day support – He’s there to steer your IT in the right direction and give you the confidence you really need out of your technology.

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Here’s what your Virtual CIO will do for you to ensure your IT is always moving in the right direction moving forward –
  1. He’ll work with you to develop a strong overall understanding of your business and measure the potential impact of IT in your business. He’ll also measure how technology can enable your business to do more.
  2. He’ll work with key executives and stakeholders for your business to develop a holistic, 360º plan to carry your business well into the future.
  3. He’ll ensure key executives, stakeholders, and any other third parties who could be involved are fully committed to the plan and ready to action it moving forward.
  4. He’ll look after change management within your IT strategy, ensuring all changes are implemented
    properly at every level, managing the teams/individuals responsible.
  5. He’ll bring in external ideas and input to constantly evolve the mindset surrounding IT.
  6. He’ll keep tabs on changes in technology for your industry and forecast potential risks so that we can help you adapt to them before they arrive.
  7. He’ll take on full financial accountability over your IT purchasing decisions. Assessing whether your money is being spent wisely. Advising on the best course of action and only applying what’s truly relevant to your business.
  8. He’ll work directly with your technical support team (whether from Pronet or any other IT company you choose) to ensure their actions align perfectly with the overall strategy.
  9. He’ll act as a central point of communication between all people involved in executing the IT strategy to ensure everything is implemented correctly.
  10. He’ll set critical KPIs in place in order to meet critical strategic goals with your technology.
  11. He’ll constantly revisit and re-evaluate the effectiveness and suitability of your overall strategy, ensuring you remain competitive through technology within your industry.

The core interest of your Virtual CIO is to ensure your IT is always improving, always bringing you new value and always aligned properly to your business vision – both now and into the future.

Call us now to see how we can customise a virtual CIO for your business needs – Call 03 9069 2188


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