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Telephony, Voice Over IP & Video Conferencing

Assisting you to find the right telephony solution for your business

These days ‘telephony’ encompasses far more than just your average landline phone – the more your business grows, the more you need to have the right tools and communication systems in place.

We can assist you in finding the right telephony solution for your business in these key areas:

  • Voice (Local PRI’s, Local POTS, Long Distance and Toll Free)
  • Conferencing (Audio, Video and Web)
  • Converged Technologies
  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
  • Dynamic bandwidth

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We specialise in assisting and implementing VoIP services

Millions of businesses around the world are switching from traditional landline services to Voice over IP services. We’ve partnered with several of the top VoIP providers in Australia to bring you the best possible VoIP Solutions. If you’re looking to move your telephony into the 21st century with services such as these – we can help you make it happen.

Here are just a couple of major ways VoIP Telephony systems can help your business:

  • Increased Flexibility and Mobility

Take your calls anywhere, integrate to many software programs for enhanced capability

  • Increased Productivity

Enable your staff to communicate more efficiently.

  • Easy to Install, Use, and Troubleshoot

You don’t need to be technical to benefit from VoIP, minimal cables and components

  • Significantly reduce your telecommunications costs

Calls between offices are completely free and calls outside your business are usually substantially lower – plus international calls can often be as cheap as if you were calling within the country locally

  • Scale up or down easily

Add or remove phone lines as staff come & go, always have the right number of lines to meet your needs

  • Make changes quickly without technical ability

You no longer need to wait for a telephone specialist to get back to you and activate features or setup phone lines

  • Integrates & collaborates well with other applications

Easily integrate with email, instant-messenger programs, social network applications, CRM software and so on.

  • Keep your number wherever you go

Even if you move office or expand to new locations, you can still keep the same number. And even if staff are on the move, they can receive calls as if they are right there in the office

  • No geographical boundaries

VoIP enables your business to have a virtual presence anywhere in the world – call and receive calls from international contacts with local area codes – making it easier & cheaper to do business around the world

Unlike traditional telephony, VoIP is so much more than a voice service – it requires a good understanding of data communication and computer systems – and the ability to integrate VoIP into these systems properly and achieve the right results overall.

Being an IT company we are actually in the perfect position to help your business start using VoIP. We have already helped many small and medium size businesses roll out their VoIP services with most of our engineers highly trained and with a great understanding of VoIP systems.

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Video Conferencing

There’s no better way of communicating, than meeting face-to-face. Unfortunately when your business works across multiple locations or even globally, it isn’t always cost effective or convenient to do so.

Video Conferencing is the closest thing to meeting in person – it enables companies to collaborate across many locations at once, connecting teams and maintaining relationships without any of the usual travel cost and hassle.

A Video Conferencing solution can help your business
in many ways:

  • The next best thing to meeting face to face

A live video conference allows everyone to see facial expressions, body language and the meeting becomes much more personal than a simple phone call. Plus, you can add as many people to the call as you need.

  • Collaborate easily across teams, offices and time zones

Users from anywhere in the world can easily chat in real time, sharing & editing documents such as PowerPoint or Visio documents while they speak. Decisions can be made faster, results can be brought about quicker and operational efficiency can be improved.

  • Staff can much more easily work from home

Your staff can comfortably work from home if they need to – while staying in the loop with everyone, participating in any important meetings and remaining just as productive as they would be in the office.

  • Save on travel expenses while building better teams

With a video link, you staff can maintain relationships and do business across the globe without having to spend extra money on airfares, accommodation and so on. It’s also a great way of reducing your carbon footprint and helping your company ‘go green’!

  • Provide training to remote employees

Easily provide training to any remote employees or staff who are constantly on the move. Keep them on track with any new policies, developments or updates on daily operations. Do away with geographical limitations.

  • Competitive advantage

Video conferencing enables your teams to work more efficiently, share knowledge across multiple locations, make better informed decisions and bring products to market faster – this creates and maintains a strong competitive advantage which makes video conferencing a technology well worth considering.

Video conferencing solutions can start from as little as a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars – as an IT company, we work frequently with a wide variety of clients to implement not just the right solution – but the right solution at the right price.

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