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Hardware/Software Procurement

We take care of all the hassle of buying hardware and software, focusing on getting the right products at the best possible prices – because keeping your systems running smoothly is our absolute best interest.

  • 30 minutes to get a quote

At Pronet, we understand when you want something, you want it quick! Not only do we deliver your items quickly – we can get you a quote as quickly as you need us to. Even if you just need a ballpark figure for your next budgeting meeting, we can get it to you quick-smart.

  • Fast turnaround with most common parts always in stock

We guarantee fast turnaround & we always keep a full set of the most commonly ordered parts/software in stock so 99.9% of the time they can be replaced/installed for you almost instantly!

  • Big Buying Power

We make many purchases for our clients on a day-to-day basis and we have a big supplier network – both these things combined gives us substantial buying power, so when you buy with us, you always get the best price.

  • We deliver all equipment ready to go

To make things as easy as possible, we fully test and stage all equipment before it’s installed – so you get absolutely minimal interruptions and super smooth installation.

  • Get the right parts every time

Ordering with us is as simple as telling us what you need to achieve and we’ll figure out the rest! Our sales team works closely with our technical team to ensure that only the right parts for your systems are purchased so there are never any mix-ups.

  • We look after all the post-sales hassles

Even after the sale, we continue to look after all the post-sales drama. Any issues with your new device? We’ll organise the warranty and a replacement for you. Need to register multiple software licences at once? We look after that and any other post-sales tasks.

Besides all the benefits you get when buying from us, we use a very unique process – we literally only charge an admin cost – we don’t profit from reselling hardware/software. The benefits of our buying power literally goes straight to you!

Why do we do it? We simply believe in relentlessly supporting our customers. We act as your bridge between various IT suppliers and vendors to ensure you’re always getting the right items.

We only source from specialised companies (Removed because I realised this doesn’t serve much purpose)

Our role is to act on your behalf and make sure you understand the differences between various technical sales lingos – so you always know what you’re actually getting.

Even if you don’t buy your items through us, we are more than happy to consult with you and assist you to make sure you end up getting the right items.


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