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Internet & Web Hosting

Internet Connectivity:
Keeping your business connected to the world

We know how important it is for your business to stay connected to the internet. Almost everything you do involves the internet in some way and because of this you need to know you have a secure connection you can really rely on.

With so many options available for connection type, it can be very confusing – that’s why our role is simply to make sure you’re getting the best possible internet solution to suit you.

We can provide advice about the following connection types and work with the communications company directly to set up the right solution for you:

  • ADSL & ADSL2+ Broadband
  • Cable Broadband
  • Wireless Broadband
  • Fibre Internet
  • NBN Broadband
  • Ethernet over Copper
  • Mobile Internet
  • WAN connectivity
  • Much more – just ask!

Website Hosting:
Premium hosting to keep your website always online

When you rely on an IT company to look after your computer systems, you shouldn’t need to worry about things like who’s going to host your website or run your hosted exchange emails.

That’s why we offer our clients exclusive, enterprise level web hosting services with all the benefits of a public host, but none of the risk and performance issues.

Our premium services offer significant improvements over most other mass hosting providers:

  • Your website hosted on our secure Australian Datacentre
  • Enterprise level, exclusive services – compared with mass hosts who host millions of websites at once
  • Rapid page loading speeds
  • Fully customise to your needs
  • Your website fully monitored and managed (very crucial if you rely on your website to run your business)
  • Enterprise level security and firewall protection

Website Maintenance and Updates:
The easy way to maintain & update your website

As your one stop shop for all things IT – we don’t just offer web hosting, we can also help you apply any minor changes or maintenance required on your website whenever you need it.

We can help you with many minor website maintenance tasks:

  • Update webpage content
  • Apply quick graphics changes
  • Fix up any minor layout alignment issues
  • Change your email or your contact number
  • Change where your contact form sends information to
  • Upload your pricelist and product catalogue regularly
  • Add or remove pages as required
  • Much more – just ask!

This is just another way we deliver Relentless Support – we understand it can be costly and overly complicated to hire a web designer for minor changes – they charge by the project (usually costly) and charge for every minor change you request afterward! With Pronet, you don’t have to worry about all this – just let us know what you’d like to achieve with your website and we’ll help you make it happen.


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