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How we help our clients

We uphold a strong track record helping companies maintain 99.9% system up-time, minimising IT headaches, and keeping IT operations running effectively and efficiently.

This allows business owners, executives and team members to focus on core tasks – without worrying about IT performance.

We Don’t Just Support Your Business – We Help It Grow.

We are totally focused on helping people who are growing their business. They may need somebody to act as their Chief Information Officer (CIO) to advise them with all their IT requirements. They may need a group of IT consultants to help them with IT planning & strategy. Whatever advice you need, we are dedicated to helping you improve and advance your business with the right technology and the appropriate implementation.


We believe technology should help a business, not hinder it. We are here to help you obtain the most appropriate technology for your needs.

We’re not here to “push the latest technology” onto you – rather we are here to help you obtain the most appropriate technology for your needs. This could be brand new or it could be slightly older technology (newer is not always the best in some cases).


Predictable budgeting with no extra costs or surprises. Our Managed Services are a fixed cost all-in-one support solution.

We cover all your day-to-day IT needs, including user support, proactive system monitoring, preventative maintenance, wholesale equipment purchasing, data backup/recovery, and many other services. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your systems are running like clockwork without needing to call in expensive technicians for every small issue.

We pride ourselves on our proactive and preventative approach. Yes, we can certainly deal with emergencies. But we also prevent them by detecting and eliminating issues before they can take effect.

Our constant system monitoring and fine-tuning ensures that at all times, your business can run smoothly and efficiently. All our support/operations are performed locally within our Melbourne office so you can be certain that your data never leaves the country – and always remains in safe hands.

We focus solely on small to medium businesses – because we’re not trying to be everything to everyone.

We’re a small/medium business ourselves and we’re totally focused on businesses within this environment. With over 16 years experience with SMEs and a background in enterprise level IT, we understand your budget and deliver high-end service quality at an affordable price. With a full suite of services available, we are your “all-in-one IT solution” – helping you cut costs and make IT easier!


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Recently, it has come to our attention that telemarketers or scammers purporting to be from Pronet have been calling individuals and organisations to offer website and domain hosting services.
Pronet Technology wants to ensure its clients and the general public that we DO NOT contact businesses or individuals to offer website, domain hosting and related services.
If you have any information that can assist us in determining the identity of the individual or organisation making these calls, please email info@pronet.com.au