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Enterprise Backup

You may have a disaster recovery plan somewhere… but deep down inside you’re not sure how your IT infrastructure would survive a flooded data centre, a server crash, or any of the other disaster-related scenarios that creep into your imagination in the middle of the night…

Ensure your business is protected with quality-assured data backup and disaster recovery.

When people get sick, we go to the doctor. But what do you do when your server starts making funny noises or your desktop loses a hard drive? If you don’t have a disaster recovery solution in place there may be NOTHING you can do.

Lost data, missing client records, corrupted databases – some problems just can’t be fixed after the fact, which is why it is so important to have a disaster recovery plan in place – BEFORE things go wrong.

How would you recover if you lost all of these digital assets?

Consider all the valuable assets stored digitally on your computers:

  • Client records (contact details, business information)
  • Marketing resources (business plans, market research, graphics)
  • Photos (originals, press snaps, staff or product shots)
  • Accounting records (invoicing, MYOB files, tax documents)
  • Intellectual property (e-books, templates, software, manuals)
  • Correspondence (emails, letters, business contacts)

Many businesses never recover if they are unable to recover essential data in the event of a major data loss event. And you may not be aware that many so-called “Data Recovery Systems” fail when they are most needed.

Pronet’s Disaster Recovery solution is a bulletproof solution to your data backup and recovery needs, providing several layers of redundancy to ensure that your essential data is backed up and recoverable, no matter what happens.

We also regularly “stress test” our data backup systems to ensure that they are ready and able to function in a real situation.

Pronet’s Enterprise Backup solution provides real-time, automated data backup services for servers and workstations including:

  • Disaster Recovery (DR Imaging), Onsite Backup, Daily Offsite Replication
  • Local file and folder backup with no performance impact on production systems
  • Application & Database backup (e.g. Exchange, SQL)
  • Rapid restoration for exchange databases or mailboxes (as little as 15 minutes)
  • High frequency of incremental backup schedules to minimize data loss (starting from 5 minute intervals)
  • Backup monitoring and daily offsite replication of data to data centre
  • Local Disaster Recovery imaging for rapid server recovery

Emergency Hardware Replacement

Another essential facet of disaster recovery is ensuring that you have the hardware you need to go on in the event of a disaster.

Imagine a fire guts your office. Even if you had all your data stored safely off site, how long would it take for you to reconfigure and restore all your hardware to enable your operations to run again?

That’s why Pronet also offers a hardware replacement service for additional peace of mind in an emergency. Simply explained, we keep “spares” of all your key equipment on hand and are able to install new hardware quickly and efficiently if required as part of a complete data recovery solution.

What to do now

Why not contact us on 03 9069 2188 for an exploratory chat about your data recovery needs. With 5 or 10 minutes on the phone, we can usually tell you whether or not we can be of assistance in your situation.

If it turns out we may be able to help, from there we can offer you a no-obligation appraisal of your situation so we can advise you on the best data recovery solution. Contact us now to take the first step and find out more.


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