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Emergency Equipment Loan Service

What would you do if a critical hard drive or server crashed, or a fire destroyed all your computer hardware?

You may have an automated data recovery service in place, but how long would it take you to replace and reconfigure critical IT hardware in the event of an unforeseen malfunction or disaster?

What if your new hardware isn’t compatible with your existing hardware or applications?

These are questions which can’t afford to be left unanswered – especially if the hardware is crucial to your business continuity.

Pronet offers an advanced Emergency Equipment Loan Service where we effectively keep “spares” of your critical hardware. This means we can swap a hard drive or re-install a server in next to no time, eliminating compatibility issues BEFORE problems occur. It also means a cost effective way of obtaining equipment at the time you really need it.

We can promptly deliver or ship replacement or loan equipment such as file servers, switches, modems, routers, hard drives and other critical hardware so you can get back up and running with a minimum of business disruption.

With the Pronet Emergency Equipment Loan Service, you get:
  • Periodic Data Recovery Audits
    We periodically perform Disaster Recovery “fire drills”, which involve actively restoring all data from your backups to ensure they are functioning correctly. You can verify that your data has been backed up correctly with a remote access login.
  • Hardware Replacement
    We source and stock temporary or permanent replacement hardware such as file servers, switches, modems and routers.
  • Emergency Data and Hardware Setup
    In emergency situations, we import the most recent data backup onto your replacement hardware and facilitate onsite installation within 24 hours, returning you to full functionality.

Pronet Emergency Equipment Loan Service is an essential service for any business that wants to avoid the disastrous productivity consequences that come with hardware loss.

What to do now

Why not contact us on 03 9069 2188 for an exploratory chat about your hardware replacement needs. With 5 or 10 minutes on the phone, we can usually tell you whether or not we can be of assistance.

If it turns out we may be able to help, from there we can offer you a no-obligation audit of your situation so we can advise you on the best data recovery and hardware replacement solution. Contact us now to take the first step and find out more.


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