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Supporting your business every day through our 10 core values


“Our 10 core values define who we are, how we work, the decisions we make and the way we approach challenges to achieve everyday Relentless Support.”

Our 10 core values are to…

Think different & make a difference – For every challenge we face, we like to think outside the box (or even forget about the box) in order to come up with new ideas to solve problems.

Never give up & be relentless – Being relentless is the core driving factor of our culture – no matter how difficult things could possibly get, no matter how many challenges we face, we never back down and give up – we always go the extra mile until we see the results we need.

See every problem as an opportunity – Part of thinking different is our ability to flip every problem on its head and convert it into an opportunity – sometimes it’s as simple as finding a positive out of a negative, or sometimes it means we see a problem as an opportunity to grow.

Have integrity without compromise – Doing the right thing comes naturally to us, we value being honest & transparent with our clients and with each other – never taking a short cut if it’s the wrong thing to do.

Take action & make it happen – Sometimes hesitation can be the biggest inhibitor for progress – that’s why we strongly believe in just taking action, making things happen and going with your gut – the results are surprising!

Start with the result – Starting with the result means as a company, we are focused on the end goal – we believe by focusing our energy primarily on the big goals at the end, all the smaller problems will work themselves out and fall into place.

Win Together – We wouldn’t have a great team culture unless we knew how to celebrate our achievements together – we make sure for everything we achieve as a company, it’s something we achieved together.

Do things right from day one – As part of being relentless in all we do, we’re committed to taking all the right steps to do things right from the very first day we meet. We put the right foundations in place so bigger problems just can’t pop up down the track.

Embrace Change – As a company we are constantly evolving, growing and progressing. That’s why it’s so important that our team members embrace the changes and enjoy the ride no matter where it takes them!

Be Humble – Above all, it really means something in this day and age to hold onto our roots and stay humble. We try to appreciate each other (no matter what role we have in the business) and never take the opportunities we get for granted.

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Recently, it has come to our attention that telemarketers or scammers claiming to be from Pronet, offering website and domain hosting services, have been contacting individuals and businesses.
Pronet Technology would like to assure our clients and the public that we do NOT cold call businesses or individuals.
Pronet Technology does not employ the use of any telemarketing services in house or externally contracted.
If you have any information that may assist us in establishing the identity of the individual or organisation responsible for these calls, please forward this to info@pronet.com.au.