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Cloud-FS Enterprise File Share & Collaboration

Move your business to the cloud with Pronet’s own Cloud-FS


Collaborate effortlessly company-wide

Cloud-FS helps businesses to simplify their IT and control IT spending. Free your business from cumbersome networks, costly hardware & software maintenance and get a scalable, future-proof solution. Invest in IT without the headaches, while maintaining control of your sensitive data with Cloud-FS.

  • A modern way of sharing files among employees, business partners & clients company-wide.
  • Experience real-time collaboration with document versioning, edit alerts, file locking and annotations.
  • Centrally control user access and set permissions at a granular level.
  • Access files anywhere, up to 25x faster on any device – online or offline.
  • Enable remote employees to work from home, on a business trip, at a sales pitch, at an onsite project – anywhere at all.
  • Share with business partners and clients effortlessly withcreation of links to files and folders.
  • Set who can access files and for how long
  • Minimise interruptions and ensure files are always available with added redundancy.

With all Cloud-FS databases located in Australia, Australian businesses can have peace of mind, knowing physically where their data is stored. And with high profile security measures such as fingerprint scanning, reinforced storage facilities, unique access codes and 24/7 surveillance, even from outside Australia, you’ll know your data is safe and secure at all times.

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How Cloud-FS can help you

A modern way of sharing files

Cloud-FS makes file sharing and collaboration between teams effortless – whether in-house or working externally. Easily share even large files with external partners. Improve productivity as multiple users work off a single document, making changes in real-time and saving revisions as they go.

Replace your in-house file servers and cloud enable your entire file system

Cloud-FS lets you do away with complex and costly file server hardware for good, moving your entire file system to the cloud for easy access from anywhere & any device, company-wide.

Get all the function of cloud while maintaining physical control over sensitive data

If you want to get the benefits of cloud and enhance file sharing and collaborative capability, but still wish to keep your files in-house within physical reach, Cloud-FS can be adapted to meet your needs and keep sensitive data in-house.

Eliminate the need for multiple file servers across multiple sites

Cloud-FS gets rid of the complexity and cost of having multiple file servers across multiple sites. It centralises all your data in one place and makes it effortless to share files between branches. It also guarantees greater data integrity with better regulated system maintenance and data verification.

Stop staff from using unsecured personal file sharing systems

With traditional systems, sharing files or copying files to devices to work on from home can be quite cumbersome. Many users turn to public file sharing solutions such as Dropbox to get around this but unfortunately this ends up risking your data in unsecure public networks. Cloud-FS means your users no longer need to rely on these services, as it offers exactly the same functionality, and so much more.

Not quite ready for a full cloud solution? Try a Hybrid cloud solution instead!

We understand that not all businesses are ready for a full cloud solution, that’s why we offer Cloud-FS Hybrid. Cloud-FS Hybrid lets you run your existing systems in parallel to the cloud.  It takes the simplicity of cloud technology and combines it with your existing systems to leverage your local storage and provide all the same benefits of the cloud without taking a huge leap forward.

Files remain stored within your company and you choose which files to share on the cloud. You may wish to back up the entirety of your data and only share certain files to certain parties or you may wish to keep sensitive data off the cloud altogether. Whatever your requirements, Cloud-FS Hybrid is a flexible and robust cloud solution designed to help you simplify your IT and do away with most network hardware & maintenance costs.

Work with a cloud provider you can trust

One of the most important things about moving to the cloud is finding and working with a provider you can trust. With Pronet, you’re not just working with a company that specialises in cloud – you’re working with a complete IT services provider with their own dedicated cloud services platform, developed solely to help small and medium sizes businesses just like yours.

As a cloud provider and a support provider, we believe support and cloud technology go hand in hand. We have more than 20 years’ experience managing and supporting IT systems across a vast range of businesses from small businesses with 5-10 computers to larger companies with 20-50+ computers and complex network setups.

Our in depth understanding of these networks and our commitment to relentless support is why so many of our clients choose to trust us with their critical cloud migration & solution.

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