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  • 99.9% less unexpected issues!
  • Nip constant problems in the bud!
  • Cut or eliminate IT upgrade costs!

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IT costing you time, money and patience? We're here to help.

It’s a necessary evil… IT should be driving your business forward, but instead you find yourself worrying about constant problems and missing out on the reliability you really need from your IT systems.

Are these all-too-common problems weighing you down?

# 1

Trouble reaching your IT support team when you need it the most.

# 2

IT problems that just keep coming back again and again and never seem to get fixed 100%.

# 3

Spending a fortune in capital on IT equipment and still not getting the result you want.

# 4

Being pushed towards new technology "just because its new" - not because it will help your business.

# 5

Escalating service fees, parts replacement costs, fees on top of fees - there always seems to be more to pay!

How can you run your business and get on with your day to day tasks if constant IT problems are interrupting and slowing you down?

At Pronet, we live & breathe relentless IT support. Our absolute highest priority is keeping your business up & running. That means when you need us - we're right there with you.

We're relentless in getting things right from the start

All our plans pack a huge range of benefits designed to deliver endlessly reliable IT services

Enjoy 99.9% less
unexpected issues

We keep a careful eye on your systems, picking up threats before they happen so you DON'T get interrupted.

We get to the bottom
of every problem

We know band-aid solutions never work, that's why we're dedicated to finding & eliminating problems at the core.

Fast Emergency
Response Guaranteed

We know when you need IT Support, you need it fast - so we guarantee 30 minutes or less response times.

Work with the same people every time

We're a team of close knit experts who get to know your business, your people and your systems inside out.

Unlimited IT Support
for one fixed fee

Get complete access to all your IT needs including remote support, onsite support, proactive fixes and so much more!

Strategic IT Planning
and Development

We make sure your technology stays relevant to your business helping to implement YOUR ideas and vision!

Try our services for just $5 /month!

Featured Services

Below are some of the most popular IT support services we offer.

We look after every aspect of your IT systems, including servers, workstations & network devices.

We provide expert IT support when you need it, both day-to-day & on-the-fly.

We specialise in moving small & medium size businesses to the cloud at the right pace & the right time.

We offer a specialised emergency equipment loan service so you never need to wait for replacement equipment.

Cloud backup protects your data, eliminates risk caused by traditional backup and can be restored in an instant.

When your #1 priority is to keep your business running, Pronet's Business Continuity & Disaster recovery has you covered.

These happy customers speak for themselves!

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More great feedback from our happy customers...

We've dealt with the same people virtually from day one... that's been really important to us and I haven't found that in other IT support companies."
Ashley Turner,
Annex Holdings Pty Ltd
We don't have to worry about our IT systems. We come to work in the morning, we work hard during the week & we know those systems are going to work."
Steve Rogers,
Rusher Rogers Recruitment
I've worked in large multinationals with 100+ IT staff departments who we didn't get the level of service out of, that we're currently getting at present..."
Russell Swan,
Saxton Speakers Bureau
The service we get is excellent, the results are excellent, so we've got no reason to look anywhere else. Quick turnaround & service on all aspects of what we need."
Ettore Riboni,
IN2 Space Interior Design
IT is crucial to our business, to work with the right people is paramount, Pronet have been fantastic, having the systems in place really makes it worry free."
Ilan Almagor,
Kim Diaphragm Valves
We have the confidence their advice is for our own benefits, they fix the problem even if the problem is above their weight or above whats in the contract..."
Azzam Al-Ashi,
Occupational Therapy Australia
"We’ve just come on-board with Pronet, they’ve been great with analysing what we need, what needed to be improved, what’s critical… been fantastic to deal with, highly recommend.""
Patrick Chaperon,
Victoria Lub Pty Ltd